• Clear and easy-to-follow policies are essential for any HOA, and a professional management company can help ensure that they are created and enforced in a way that benefits everyone involved.
  • By staying up-to-date with local laws and regulations, an HOA management company can help prevent violations and ensure that the community is always in compliance.
  • Our experienced management team has a broad range of expertise in areas like maintenance, accounting, and legal matters, allowing us to handle most issues in-house and save our client’s money on external consultants.
  • Homeowners who work with an HOA management company often report higher levels of satisfaction overall, thanks to the improved organization, communication, and professionalism that comes with working with a dedicated team.
  • Effective communication is key to any successful community, and an HOA management company can provide individualized support and mediation to help resolve conflicts and ensure that everyone’s needs are being met.


  • Facilitate Board Meetings either in person or virtually
  • Collect dues and special assessments
  • If requested make the meeting agenda and minutes
  • Hold the yearly votes for officers and insurances
  • Send out notices to owners via mail and e-mail
  • Manage contract negotiations and competitive bids for property services
  • Consult with board members to give professional opinion
  • Perform quarterly inspections of the complex, or more frequently as requested
  • Manage maintenance and repairs of common areas
  • Send payment to vendors
  • Manage the master insurance policy of the complex
  • Provide financial reporting for the HOA


“With Titan HOA Management, homeowners can trust that their community is being managed efficiently and effectively.”


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Titan HOA Management is committed to providing professional, management services
to Home Owners’ Associations. We believe that fostering a transparent culture can build
trust and maintain strong relationships with our clients and association owners. We are

committed to providing accurate and timely financial reporting, clear communication,
and a high level of customer service.
In addition, we strive to financially improve the HOAs we manage by implementing
efficient and effective management practices, optimizing expenses, and identifying cost
cutting opportunities for revenue savings. Our goal is to provide exceptional service that
not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations, resulting in long-term partnerships
and mutual success.